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Why is my video choppy?

Choppy video may be caused by a slow network connection or sub-optimal device performance. Complete the following steps to troubleshoot choppy video.

Step 1: Self-check

Check the following:

  • Check whether the choppy video is intermittent or consistent. Occasional, intermittent choppy video is normal due to the nature of the network and device.
  • Check whether the network connection is stable. If it is stable but the video is still choppy, change your network connection and re-check.
  • Switch to another device with better performance.
  • Turn off all pre-processing options, such as image enhancement, to determine whether it is the cause of the choppy video.

Step 2: Contact Agora customer support

If the issue persists, contact and report the issue with the following information:

  • The channel name and the UIDs of the users sending and receiving the video.
  • The time frame during which the choppy video playback appears.
  • SDK log files. See How can I set the log file?
  • Screen recording files.

Step 3: Monitor the quality of experience in Agora Analytics in Console

You can monitor the statistics of every call in Agora Analytics in Console. See Agora Analytics Tutorial.