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What classroom states does Flexible Classroom support?

Flexible Classroom supports three classroom states: not started, started, and ended. Refer to the following table for a detailed description of each state:

Classroom state Description
Not started

When the classroom state is not started or started, both teachers and students can do the following:

  • Engage in real-time audio and video interaction.
  • Send real-time messages.
  • See the list of students.
  • Use the whiteboard for writing or file sharing.
  • Flexible Classroom cloud service marks the current state.


    Teachers and students are immediately disconnected from the classroom.

    Real-time audio and video interaction, real-time messaging, and whiteboard functions are all disabled.
    Neither teachers nor students can join a classroom in an ended state.

    An ended classroom cannot be restarted.
    A classroom is destroyed automatically one hour after it is ended.

    Change the classroom state

    In the Flexible Classroom client, you can specify the starting time and duration of a classroom by calling launch to set the following parameters:

    • startTime: The starting time of the class in Unix format (ms), subject to the parameter passed in by the first user who joins the classroom.
    • duration: The duration (s) of the class, subject to the parameter passed in by the first user who joins the classroom.

    The state of the classroom is automatically started at the specified start time and automatically ended after the specified duration elapses.

    In addition, you can change the classroom state by calling the RESTful API.