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How can I view Agora API references offline?


Agora updates Agora API references on Dash platform, you can download and view the offline reference in Dash.

You can only run Dash on macOS or iOS.


  1. Download and install Dash. You can only run Dash on macOS or iOS.

  2. Run Dash and click Download Docsets.

  3. Select User Contributed and click Continue.

  4. Type Agora in the search box and click Download for your target docsets. After downloading your target docsets, the Download buttons change to Uninstall.

  5. Close the Downloads window to view all the downloaded API references in the left bar of the main interface.

  6. Alternatively, you can access the Downloads window by clicking the plus icon on the left bar of the main interface, choosing Download Docsets, and clicking User Contributed.