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How can I solve channel-related issues?

In poor network conditions, does the SDK force users to leave a channel?

No, users will not automatically leave a channel unless they do so by themselves, for example, when the application calls leaveChannel.

Does each channel or room need an administrator in a call?

No. You can create the administrator role with your own code. For example, you can manage a call by letting the signaling server send commands to the SDK to call an SDK API.

Does the client need to maintain the channel?

No, a channel is created and deleted automatically. When all users leave the channel, the channel is deleted automatically.

How do I check who is speaking in the channel?

The following callbacks indicate who is speaking and the speakers' volumes.

  • For Android and Windows: onAudioVolumeIndication
  • iOS/macOS: reportAudioVolumeIndicationOfSpeakers

By default, this function is disabled. You can use the enableAudioVolumeIndication method to enable them.