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How to specify a dynamic storage path?

When configuring the recording file storage path in the Console through the fileNamePrefix field, you can use built-in variables to specify a dynamic path for storing recording files. When the recording starts, variables are replaced with real values. The following two types of variables are currently supported:

Fixed variable${appId}App ID
${roomUuid}The uuid of the class to be recorded
Date variable${yyyy}Year
${yyyyMMdd}, ${yyyyMM}, ${yyyy-dd},${MM_dd}Date variables can be combined, such as year-month-day, year-month, year-day, month-day, and so on.

For example, you set the fileNamePrefix field as follows:

"fileNamePrefix": [

The recording storage path is /scenario/recording/xxxxxxxxx/202107/demo/xxxxxxx_demo_0.mp4.