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How do I control recording sessions in the command-line interface?

Start and pause recording

If you use the automatic mode (default), the recording starts automatically when a user joins the channel. In this mode, you cannot pause the recording.

If you use the manual mode (triggerMode set as 1), use the following methods to start and pause the recording:

  • To control all the recording sessions:

    • Start recording: killall -s 10 recorder_local
    • Pause recording:killall -s 12 recorder_local
  • To control an individual recording session:

    1. Get the PID:ps aux | grep 'channelName'

    2. Control the recording session by the PID

      • Start recording:kill -s 10 PID
      • Pause recording:kill -s 12 PID

Stop recording

The recording stops automatically when there is no user in the channel after a time period set by the idle parameter. The default value is 300 seconds.

To manually stop recording, press Ctrl + C to end the command-line session.