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How can I fix unsynchronized audio and video?

Unsynchronized audio and video may be caused by the following:

  • Slow network connection.
  • Sub-optimal device performance.
  • Problems with a custom video source or renderer.
  • A third-party image enhancement SDK.

Complete the following steps to troubleshoot the unsynchronized audio and video.

Step 1: Self-check

Check the following:

  • Check whether the unsynchronized audio and video is intermittent or consistent. Occasional, intermittent unsynchronized audio and video is normal due to the nature of the network and device.

  • If you use a custom video source, check whether the timeStamp parameter of each video frame is correct. Ensure that you are using millisecond units.

    If you use a camera to capture video, the system reports the timestamp of each video frame. That is the value you need to pass in timeStamp.

  • Check whether the network connection is stable. You can switch to another network connection and check if the audio and video are synchronized.

  • If you use a third-party image enhancement SDK, disable it and re-check. If the audio and video become synchronized, then the third-party image enhancement SDK is the likely cause. Contact that SDK provider for technical support.

  • Switch to another device with better performance, and then check if the issue persists.

  • If you use a custom video renderer, check the source code of the video renderer. See the Customer renderer sample project provided by Agora for reference.

Step 2: Contact Agora customer support

If the issue persists, contact Please provide the following information to help with the troubleshooting:

  • The channel name with the unsynchronized audio and video.

  • The time frame when the unsynchronized audio and video appears.

  • The application scenario in which the issue occurs: communication, live interactive streaming, single-hosted interactive streaming, or co-hosted interactive streaming scenario.

  • The UIDs of the users sending and receiving the unsynchronized audio and video.

  • Whether you use a custom video source or a custom video renderer.

  • Whether the problem can be reproduced and the steps to reproduce.

  • Screen recording files.

  • SDK log files. See How can I set the log file?