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Product overview

Media Push

Agora Media Push enables you to upload audio and video streams from Agora channels and upload them to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to reach a larger audience. The Media Push extension works with Voice Calling , Video Calling, and Interactive Live Streaming.

Product Features

Hybrid streaming use cases

Ideal for hybrid use cases where a small audience group can interact with the host(s) and each other, while most of the audience only listens/watches.

Global CDN compatibility

Media Push works with major CDN providers across the globe, with support for RTMP and RTMPS protocols.

Easy-to-use RESTful API

Agora’s RESTful API makes integration easy while providing flexibility to customers.

Audience expansion

Uploading live interactive content to CDN enables customers to expand their audience for use cases where only a section of a large audience needs live engagement.

Wide range of use cases

Upload to CDN works for any use case, and is particularly useful for verticals like virtual events, social live streaming, education webinars and more.