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Product overview

Video Calling

Agora's Video Calling allows you to add customized real-time video experiences to any application.

Enabled by Agora’s Video SDK, Video Calling gives you full control over a rich set of features within your app. You can extend the SDK with functionality like recording and content moderation or use Extensions Marketplace to quickly activate background removal, face filters, and more.

Product Features

Call recording

Record video calls in the cloud or on premises with control over the format, path of storage, and quality.

Screen sharing and collaboration

Enable screen sharing or interactive whiteboards that allow users to draw, annotate, and share content from multiple devices simultaneously.

Multiple audio and video tracks

Publish multiple audio and video tracks to one or more channels from a single instance, with support for multi-channel capture cameras and microphones.

High-quality video at scale

Consistent high-quality video from 1:1 calls to thousands of concurrent users, even under challenging network conditions.

AI-powered audio enhancement

Support for high quality audio with 3D spatial audio, AI noise suppression, and gain control to provide an immersive audio experience.

Global coverage

Agora’s software-defined, real-time network (SD-RTN) supports video users in over 200 countries and regions.

Video Calling