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Product overview

Server Gateway

Agora Server Gateway can be deployed on your server to transmit audio and video streams to apps developed with Agora’s Voice and Video SDKs. The Server Gateway SDK enables communication between server and app through Agora’s global network (SD-RTN). Server Gateway can be used as a server-side gateway for media processing such as real-time transcription, for first- and third-party extensions, or can act as gateway service for Agora media services such as Media Push and Media Pull.

Product Features

Support for call centers, education, and testing

Support for scenarios like call centers, network testing, and AI-powered interactive classes with a single codebase for Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) applications.

Multi-format sending and receiving

Supports sending and receiving data in various formats, such as YUV, PCM and encoded video and audio formats which provides greater flexibility for customers using Agora’s global network.

Configurable sending/receiving processes

Send and receive media streams simultaneously or choose only to send or receive audio or video streams.

Multi-channel sending/receiving

Supports sending and/or receiving media streams to and from multiple channels simultaneously.

Audio mixing and media encryption

Support for media encryption and mixing multiple audio streams.

Network geofencing

The Agora Voice and Video SDKs support geofencing, so that they only connect to Agora servers within the selected region(s), regardless of where your app users are located.