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Product overview

Media Gateway

Media Gateway allows users to directly push media streams into Agora’s Real-Time Voice and Video channels using the RTMP/SRT protocol. To facilitate distribution, Media Gateway also allows users to perform advanced transcoding processing on media streams.

Product Features

High reliability

Enhance service reliability with a globally distributed cluster deployment, ensuring high-quality and seamless user experience in every region.

Low latency

Experience seamless, real-time communication as the source stream directly enters the channel at the gateway, minimizing latency between the host and the audience.

Transcoding support

Employ advanced transcoding capabilities on media streams for bandwidth optimization, enhanced delivery speed, cross-device compatibility, and wider distribution.

Stable and easy to use

Simple and easy to use API helps you integrate the feature quickly.

Safety compliance

Safe and secure real-time transmission of audio and video data without caching or collecting users' personal information.

Multi-format, multi-protocol media streaming support

Works with several audio and video codecs, streaming protocols and media formats.