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Product overview


Agora IoT SDK helps developers implement real-time audio and video stream transmission and intercommunication for IoT scenarios and devices.

Based on the software-defined, real-time network (SD-RTN™), IoT SDK makes use of global network nodes, intelligent dynamic routing, and end-side poor network countermeasure algorithms to provide reliable video and audio stream transmission cloud services. Agora's technology provides high connectivity, low latency, and maximum stability while reducing the impact of network problems such as delay and packet loss on the quality and experience of audio and video transmission.

Product Features

Highly integrated

IoT SDK integrates both real-time communication and signalling services, so you can easily develop features like live streaming and remote control at the same time.

Lightweight design

Designed for low-resource embedded systems, IoT SDK has a small package footprint as low as 400kB so you don’t have to worry about system resource usage.

Low power consumption

Based on low hardware requirements, IoT SDK works well with battery-powered devices like video doorbells.


IoT SDK is compatible with Video SDK for Web, and developers can build apps across platforms like mobile, PC, web, and smart displays like Amazon Alexa, without plugins, while supporting a wide range of chipsets and operating systems.

Excellent resistance to poor networks

With end-to-end algorithmic network optimization, IoT SDK provides smooth live streaming even in weak network environments.

Interoperable with the full Agora platform

IoT SDK is interoperable with other Agora products so you can easily build up the companion apps on iOS, Android, or any other platform.