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Product overview


Agora Signaling provides low-latency, high-concurrency signaling and synchronization capabilities for real-time systems. Agora’s Signaling SDK enables developers to apply low-latency event notifications and real-time changes to user, device, and channel attributes in applications. Signaling can be used to enhance the experience for Voice Calling, Video Calling, and Interactive Live Steaming.

Signaling Applications

Product Features

Message channels

Real-time messaging that enables asynchronous pub-sub message transmission without the need for immediate response. Publishers send messages to the channel, subscribers receive messages from the channels they sign up to. Depending on your business needs, send string or binary payloads

Stream channels

A real-time data pipeline that enables the uninterrupted flow of data from one point to another without delay or latency. Depending on your business needs, send string or binary payloads


Facilitate effective data stream management and communication between users in real time in Stream channels. Enable users to subscribe to, distribute, and notify users subscribed to a topic. Publishers send messages to a topic, subscribers receive messages in the topics they sign up to.


In online collaboration apps, enable users to see the availability of their contacts. Presence information is typically displayed as a status message or with an icon next to a user's name. It helps users determine the availability of others for communication or collaboration.


Persist and managing data that is exchanged between different clients or devices in real-time. Ensure that messages are not lost or dropped during transmission and enable quick and reliable message delivery to any number of clients.


Critical resource management mechanism to prevent mutual interference. Ensure that messages are processed in a specific order and prevent concurrent access to the same data. When your app accesses a resource, it can lock on that resource to prevent other clients from accessing it.