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You are looking at Signaling v1.x Docs. The newest version is  Signaling 2.x

Product overview

Signaling (was RTM)

Agora Signaling provides low-latency, high-concurrency signaling and synchronization capabilities for real-time systems. Agora’s Signaling SDK enables developers to apply low-latency event notifications and real-time changes to user, device, and channel attributes in applications. Signaling can be used to enhance the experience for Voice Calling, Video Calling, and Interactive Live Steaming.

Product Features

Channel management

Organization and management capabilities around channel management like call invitation, user statuses in channel, and more.

Online/offline presence

Real-time synchronization within 200ms of device online/offline status notification capabilities.

Low latency

Provide real-time synchronization with global average latency under 200ms and average latency within region under 100ms.

Storage, distribution, and notification

User device/channel attribute change capabilities for storage, distribution, and notification.


Control authentication workflow on user permission controls via token-based access to ban, mute, or manipulate the abilities of a user in a channel.

3rd party plugins

Add Signaling features with other supported 3rd party features like content moderation, SMS, persistent storage, and more via webhooks.