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SDK logs

If you’re troubleshooting an issue with the Agora Chat SDK, Agora support team might ask you to send the SDK logs. Logs record information about events that occurred in the SDK. These include errors and warnings as well as informational events.

By default, the SDK generates three log files, easemob.log and two easemob_Y-m-d_H-M-S.log files, each with a maximum size of 2048 KB (2 MB). These log files are encoded in UTF-8. The SDK writes the latest logs in easemob.log. When easemob.log is full, the SDK deletes the log file generated at the earliest time, renames easemob.log to the name of the current time-dependent log file, and creates a new easemob.log to record the latest logs.

Collecting SDK logs

To access SDK logs, take the following steps:

  1. Enable the debug mode:


  2. Open the logs directory /sdcard/Android/data/{package name}/{appkey}/core_log/ which contains the SDK logs.