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Troubleshoot Audio and Video Issues

During the audio and video interaction, you might encounter various audio and video issues, such as a black screen, pixelated video, echo, or low volume. This page provides common methods used to troubleshoot these types of audio and video issues.

Ensure audio and video permissions are granted

When you implement the audio and video interaction, remind your user to grant the necessary device permissions to the application, such as permission to use the microphone and camera. See Start Interactive Live Audio Streaming, Start Interactive Live Video Streaming, Start a Voice Call, or Start a Video Call in the Quickstart Guide menu.

Use error codes and warning codes to troubleshoot

When something goes wrong with audio or video, the SDK reports error codes or warning codes to you. You can use these codes to troubleshoot. For more information about the meaning of the codes, refer to the following:

Troubleshoot methods for typical audio and video issues

This section summarizes the specific troubleshooting methods for typical audio and video issues:

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