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This page introduces the billing policy for the add-on provided by Agora.

Your billing details may differ if you have signed a contract with Agora.


Agora calculates the billing of all projects under your Agora account on a monthly basis. Billing begins once you enable .

Transcription fee

The Agora streaming server charges you when transcribe the subscribed streams. Agora's free-of-charge policy for the first 10,000 minutes does not apply to the transcription fee.

Unit price for transcription

Real-Time Transcription takes the audio content of a host's media stream and transcribes it into written words in real time. Agora charges for the time that is enabled in a channel, which includes transcription for the active host. Transcription is available for up to 3 hosts speaking at the same time. If several hosts speak simultaneously, Agora also charges for the time of speaking of each additional host using the same pricing. Also note that when you enable , Agora SD-RTN™ creates a cloud audience member who subscribes to the audio in the channel. The usage for this audience member is added to your bill.

Usage, minutes per monthPricing, US$/1,000 minutes
Above 016.99

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