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Product overview

Interactive Whiteboard

Agora Interactive Whiteboard enables developers to integrate real-time visual collaboration features into their applications. The Interactive Whiteboard SDK gives developers the ability to customize real-time whiteboards for their specific use case. For projects that require the fastest integration, try Agora Fastboard that couples Interactive Whiteboard with a default UI. Interactive Whiteboard and Fastboard can be used alone or to add visual collaboration to Voice Calling, Video Calling, Broadcast Streaming and Interactive Live Streaming.

Product Features

Editing and room tools

Includes standard tools for drawing, writing, notations, and erasing with advanced tools for content sharing, multi-user editing, use case scenario control, room management, and more.

File conversion

Server-side file conversion transcodes files for presentation on the whiteboard, including support for converting PPT, PPTX, Word, and PDF files to images, and PPTX files to web pages.


Powerful extensions in netless-app help extend the functionality of your whiteboard experience and window-manager can be used to load and manage extensions on the whiteboard.

SDK options

Choose from two SDKs: Interactive Whiteboard SDK allows experienced developers to provide substantial customization while Fastboard SDK provides a ready-to-use UI for a faster build.


RESTful APIs provide token generation, room management, screenshot management, scene management, and file conversion features.

Stability and reliability

Agora's globally distributed and clustered server system and backup and disaster recovery plans work together to guarantee high availability of the whiteboard service.