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This page explains how Agora calculates your monthly bill for Flexible Classroom.

If you have already signed a contract with Agora, the billing terms and conditions within that contract take precedence.

The pricing on this page applies to one-to-one, small, large, and cloud classrooms only. For online proctoring pricing, contact

Flexible Classroom pricing

The unit prices for audio and video usage are as follows. The prices are in USD per 1,000 minutes.

Usage typeAggregate resolution of user subscribed videosInteractive live streaming (Host and audience)Broadcast streaming (Audience)
High-definition (HD)Less than or equal to 921,600 (1280 × 720)5.993.99
Full high-definition (FHD)From greater than 921,600 (1280 × 720) to 2,073,600 (1920 × 1080)11.996.99
Video 2KFrom greater than 2,073,600 (1920 × 1080) to 3,686,400 (2560 × 1440)19.9911.99
Video 2K+From greater than 3,686,400 (2560 × 1440) to 8,847,360 (4096 × 2160)41.9921.99
The difference between interactive live streaming and broadcast streaming is visible in the live broadcast scene.

Cost calculation

Billing occurs monthly. At the end of each month, Agora calculates the total duration of the audio and video usage in minutes for that month in all projects under your developer account. After deducting the monthly 10,000 free-of-charge minutes that Agora grants to every account, Agora multiplies any remaining usage by its corresponding unit price and adds up the costs to get the total cost for that month.

The basic formula is shown here:

Monthly cost = Flexible Classroom services + recording services + each service exceeding the free quota

Service usage

Agora calculates the usage based on the number of users in the room. This means that usage for each room is the sum of the usages generated by all users in that room.

For each user, Agora starts timing when they join the room and ends when they leave the room, down to a minute.

Depending on whether the user subscribes to the video stream in the room, the usage is divided into the following categories:

  • Audio usage: If the user does not subscribe to the video stream, audio usage is generated regardless of whether the user subscribes to the audio stream.
  • Video usage: If the user successfully subscribes to the video stream, video usage is generated.

If a user subscribes to both audio and video streams, only the video usage is generated. Video usage is divided into four different types based on aggregate resolution and priced individually.

Free minutes

The number of free minutes for each service and the billing strategy for the portion exceeding the free quota are detailed in the table below:

Service itemUsage measurementServicesFree monthly quotaOverage fee
Flexible ClassroomDuration, minutesServices include classroom functions and server-side functions:
  • Real-time audio and video interaction
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Signaling
  • Agora Chat
  • Interactive teaching tools
  • Classroom server RESTful API
  • The first 10,000 minutes of Flexible Classroom services
  • The first 1,000 images of interactive whiteboard document conversion
  • Agora Chat:
    • 10,000 of monthly active users
    • 10,000 automatically generated thumbnails
    • 10 GB of file download traffic
    • 1 GB of file storage
    • 5,000 peak concurrent users
Web page recordingDuration, minutesPage recording used during classThe first 10,000 minutesWeb page recording pricing
The free quotas for Flexible Classroom services and recording services are calculated separately.

Usage-based volume discounts

Agora automatically offers the following tiered discounts for total monthly usage that exceeds 100,000 minutes:

Minutes usedDiscount level
100,000 to 499,9995%
500,000 to 999,9997%
1,000,000 and above10%

Note that the discounts for each tier are only applicable to the usage within the corresponding tier. For example, if the usage is 600,000 minutes, there will be no discount for 1 to 99,999 minutes, but there will be a 5% discount for 100,000 to 499,999 minutes and a 7% discount for 500,000 to 999,999 minutes.


This section illustrates how Agora calculates aggregate video resolution, total usage per service type, and the associated costs.

Suppose that 1 teacher, 5 students, and 3 parents join a room at the same time and conduct a 60-minute interactive live video course. In this course:

  • The teacher and 5 students interact via video. The resolution is 360 × 240.
  • 3 parents subscribe to the video streams of the teacher and all students.
  • The teacher shares their screen with all students and parents in the room. The resolution of both sent and received screen sharing streams is 1280 × 720.

Calculate aggregate video resolution

The following table shows the calculations for the aggregate resolution for each user’s video stream subscriptions. These determine the unit prices for their video usage:

UserSubscribed video streamsAggregate video resolutionTotalVideo type
Teacher5 students360 × 240 × 5432,000High-definition video (HD)
StudentTeacher + shared screen by teacher + 4 other students360 × 240 + 1280 x 720 + 360 × 240 × 41,353,600Full HD video
ParentTeacher + shared screen by teacher + 5 students360 × 240 + 1280 x 720 + 360 × 240 × 51,440,000Full HD video

Cost calculation

The following table shows the calculation of the total cost of the live video course:

Billed service (video type)Total usage (minutes) = Sum of all individual usageUnit price (US$/1,000 minutes)Cost of each service (US$)Total cost (US$) (rounded to two decimal places)
HD605.99(60/1000) × 5.99 = 0.36The total cost is 6.12
Full HD60 × 8 = 48011.99(480/1000) × 11.99 = 5.76