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Publish your extension

Your extension is distributed to app developers through the Extensions Marketplace.


Before publishing your extension, ensure that you have tested your extension.

Apply for Agora review

To apply for final review by Agora, contact Agora and provide the following:


Make sure your extension is delivered in the correct format:

  • Android: .aar or .so
  • iOS/macOS: .framework or .xcframework
  • Windows: .dll
  • Web: npm link

Provisioning, Usage, and Billing API endpoints

Include these endpoints in a markdown file.

Extension listing assets

You need to provide the following assets for your extension listing. If you have provided some of them when testing the extension, ensure that what you provide at this stage is the final version.

1Extension nameA name that reflects the core functionality of your extension.
2Extension short descriptionA short summary of what your extension can do. Use no more than 160 characters.
3Extension logoA 600 x 315 JPG file
4Extension categoryCurrently must be one of the following:
  • Audio and video modifiers: Extensions that modify the audio or video source.
  • Tools: Extensions that provide other stand-alone functions.
  • 5Vendor nameYour company's real name.
    6Vendor descriptionA brief introduction about your company. Use no more than 300 words
    7Vendor logoA 600 x 315 JPG file
    8Vendor website URLMust be accessible
    9Vendor support URLMust link to a page providing your company's contact information
    10Implementation guidesMust include quickstart guides and API reference. You need to provide the URL to the documentation. See Implementation guides for details.

    Supplementary information

    Supplementary information includes but is not limited to:

    • Pricing plans: Make sure this is the pricing plan both you and Agora agree to. Include it in a markdown file.
    • Extension Privacy Policy and EULA: Include it in a markdown file.

    Make your extension public

    Once you submit the application for final review, Agora starts testing your extension. If your extension passes the review, Agora updates your extension listing, and sends you an email to confirm when you would like to make your extension public in the Extensions Marketplace.