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This page explains how your bill for using Chat is calculated.

Note that if you have already signed a contract with Agora, the billing terms and conditions within that contract take precedence.


Each month, Agora calculates your bill for using Chat, issues your bill, and deducts your fee. If you subscribe, cancel, or switch to another plan, your fee is prorated for the current month. If your account is suspended, Agora stores your app data for six months. Agora suggests you top up your account in a timely fashion or export the data before it is deleted.


When each month finishes, Agora calculates your usage of Chat in your Agora account. After deducting the usage included in your plan, Agora multiplies any excess usage by the corresponding unit price and adds this to the plan fee to get the total cost for that month. The formula is as follows:

Total cost = Plan fee + Excess usage × Unit price of the excess usage + (Optional) Add-on fee

Plan fee

Agora bills you based on the total number of MAUs (Monthly Active Users) in the Agora account.

An active user is a user who calls the login method to log in to the Chat server and sets up a long-lived connection at some point during the month.

Chat offers four pricing plans: Free, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. See details of each pricing plan for their features and limitations. The following table outlines the base fee and included usage for each plan:

Chat planFee (US$)Included usage (MAU)

Bundle discount

If you integrates both Chat and Agora's RTC offerings (such as video calls, audio calls, or live streaming), contact our sales team to get bundle discount.

Chat planFee (US$)
StarterContact sales
ProContact sales
EnterpriseContact sales

Price of excess usage

If your MAU exceeds the included usage of the pricing plan, the excess usage fees are incurred. The following table outlines the unit price of excess usage for each plan:

Chat planUnit price of excess usage (US$/MAU)

*The Free plan does not allow you to exceed the included usage of MAU. Once the MAU exceeds 500, the server declines the subsequent login requests.

For example, a user buys the Starter Chat plan, which includes 5,000 MAU, and uses the Chat service in Project A and Project B. For that month, the total number of MAU for Project A is 2,370 and for Project B is 7,865. Therefore, the total cost of that month's Chat is as follows: (2,370 + 7,865 - 5,000) * 0.05 + 349 = US$610.75.

(Optional) Add-on fee

Chat provides the translation and content moderation features to meet your business requirements. Once enabled these features, the add-on fees are incurred. The following table outlines the pricing of these two features:

Add-on servicePricing
Translation$0.02/1,000 characters*
AI-Powered Content Moderation$1.5/1,000 transactions**

*The number of characters count special characters and white spaces. For example, "I love you!" contains 11 characters in total, with eight letters, two white spaces, and one special character.

**AI-Powered Content Moderation supports text moderation and image moderation. For text moderation, each transaction equals 3 KB of text content (roughly around 30 sentences). For image moderation, each image counts one transaction.

Plan management

Subscribe to the pricing plan

Before using Chat, refer to the following steps to subscribe to a plan:

  1. Log in to Agora Console, on the left navigation bar, click Package > Chat > Subscribe on the left navigation bar.
  2. Check pricing plan details, choose the plan you want to use, click Subscribe, and make the payment.

Subscription takes effect immediately. After subscribing to a plan, you can click Package > Chat > Manage, and on this page you can click Show More to view your subscription details.

Unsubscribe from a plan

By default, your subscription to Chat pricing plans is automatically renewed. You must contact to proceed with the unsubscription as this operation will delete all the Chat-related data.

Switch to another plan

If you want to upgrade your present plan, you can click the Subscribe button of another plan; if you want to downgrade your present plan, contact

  1. On Package > Chat > Subscribe page, you can choose the plan you want to use and click Subscribe.
  2. Read the content in the pop-up, and then click Save.

Unsubscribing from a plan or switching to another plan takes effect on the first day of the next month. For the current month, you still have access to the features and APIs provided by the plan. The subscription fee you paid for this month is not refunded, and any excess usage that occurs in this month is charged.


For detailed information on our pricing plans, see Pricing Plan Details.